Dr. Boggs’ 20 Health Success Tips:

Dr. Boggs’ 20 Success Tips

1. Everything you need to live can be found in the produce section.
2. Shop 2 times per week I order to get fresh produce. Most leafy greens have refrigerator life of 4-5 days.
3. Buy your produce first. It is the most important food. If you are on a budget, shopping for produce will maximize your dollar, as you will avoid junk food while you have a cart full of produce.
4. Wash leafy greens by separating the leaves. Rinse well in order to remove pesticides.
5. Keep your refrigerator well stocked with fresh vegetables. This way you will always have what you need for a salad.
6. While shopping, ask, “How will this go with a salad?” Try to consider everything as something that will go into a salad or alongside it.
7. Eat a variety of foods in a rainbow of colors
8. Eat twice as many veggies as fruit
9. If using salt, use Real Salt or Sea Salt
10. Eat 4-6 small, protein-based meals throughout the day. It will keep your metabolism and blood sugar stable.
11. Eat a protein-based breakfast. You should eat within 45 minutes of waking up.
12. NO PROCESSED FOODS! If it’s wrapped in plastic or boxed up by a big company with flashy words on the cover…think twice.
13. Do not eat any food that involves you handing someone money through your car window and receiving a bag of junk in exchange.
14. No MSG and No chemicals!
15. Go to bed early and get at least 8 hours of sleep. You need at least 5 consecutive hours without waking up for any reason. Also, don’t sleep with pets in the bed, and don’t watch anxiety inducing TV shows before bed
16. Exercise. Move daily.
17. Learn to deal positively with stress.
18. Listen to your body. Your body will tell you what it needs and what it doesn’t need.
19. Become educated about how your body works
20. Live a happy, healthy life